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The name is Cassi! Kinda new to BG. . I was here a while back but drifted off. :) My son Landon is my God send. He is growing up wayy too fast and is always reminding that he is a BIG boy. I just found out that I am pregnant with my second child! Hoping for a baby girl this time.

LMP: June 13, 2008
DD: March 22, 2009
Born: March 10, 2009 via C-section. (He was breech)


01/24/13- First appt. Confirmed pregnancy and US done. Nothing seen on US so blood work done also. HCG-760 DD-09/27/13
01/26/13- HCG-1685
01/31/13-Another US no baby but the Sac is seen. Progress!
DD changed to 10/04/13
02/20/13- Next appt!