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Editing after my very first pregnancy experience with my son nearly two years ago (description at the bottom), I am now 24 years old, and just recently found out that I am pregnant now with my second child. The first time around I have to say was a completely unique experience, and all in all I very much enjoyed it, especially bringing my baby boy into the world and transitioning back to what people call "normal" after nine months of having someone else inside of you. That part was blissful and melancholy, since I missed the feeling of my son being so close to me. I did breastfeed for ten full months, after which he weaned himself. I have to say that choosing to breastfeed was also very rewarding and helped with the separation feelings after birth, bringing me even closer to my baby. It was also very challenging, but worth it in limitless ways. I encourage anyone who reads my story and is considering breastfeeding over formula to go for it, and don't worry about what others say. It's your choice and your baby. 

I am excited to see what the rest of this pregnancy brings on because I just formally found out and don't have my first appointment for ten more days. More interestingly, baby is already kicking and is possibly four to five months grown by now, looking back on my serious case of denial earlier this year and all of the symptoms I have had since October. I know I am only now starting to show and my pants are getting tighter. I lost a lot of weight in November when I quit sugar and caffeine and didn't seem to think anything of the fatigue or the moodiness, because of the with-drawl symptoms and all of the exercise. I finally let myself lose my job in December (not like me at all) because the stress became too much to handle. It wasn't until January that I noticed the nausea and the sever drowsiness, along with the shorter and shorter periods before missing February's altogether ( I thought it was because of my birth control. It's also important to mention that I lost my B.C. packet in October) Then in early February the fights with my husband started as I became increasingly irritable. Finally, laying on my mother's floor sometime a couple of weeks ago, I noticed the kicks in my ribs (totally legitimate), and felt them with my hands, as did my husband the nights following when I lay on my side. The nurse at the health clinic confirmed my pregnancy and also noted that I could be much farther along than just a couple of months. All I can say is I cannot wait to see my baby and am glad to have a sibling for my beloved son. We are jumping out of our socks to know whether its a girl or a boy and hopefully will be able to find out sooner rather than later. My son has been such a blessing from God and I pray our new blessing will be safe and protected until I hold my precious one in my arms. Below you will find my first description here on BG from two years ago and some of my story from then.                       


I am 22 years old, newly married and just found out that I am pregnant with my very first child. This was an unexpected pregnancy for my husband and I, but that does not affect our joy of finding out. I love the idea of learning about my pregnancy and how it will affect my life, my body, and my new baby. I am looking for lots of advice and friends to confide in!

This is now nearly my 29th week. I have just signed up with a doula (labor coach) and am about to start taking pregnancy classes. I plan to have a natural birth and to breastfeed. I have a good doctor and a midwife who I have been seeing since the first three months, and have learned that I am very healthy and so is my baby. I am so excited to be a new mom. Since I first found out about my pregnancy (I was eight weeks at the time) I have gone through several mixed feelings; some fear, some shock and some that even made me wonder if this is real, but I have mostly felt joy and surprise. I have a little life growing inside of me! A lot of the fear I have experienced has been for the baby, but now that I know how healthy he is, and how far we have gotten together, that fear has faded into excitement of our meeting face-to-face for the first time! It has not been an easy road. The symptoms, freaky-yet-normal body changes, and crazy mood swings have taken me on a roller coaster ride that has yet to level out. Up until this time, I have struggled to come to grips with the changes, but, now, I embrace them and feel new energy and motivation like I have not had since before I was pregnant (it took me until my third trimester to feel great, I know). I still have many questions, but the support I have been given thus far has been fantastic. I cannot wait to see what the next weeks will hold as I count down to that big day.