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Hello there! I am Emily, I am 22 and a mom to an amazing little boy! I am a full time SAHM & Wife & I live in NS, Canada.
My husband and I were trying for a while to have a baby and finally a month before our wedding we found out that we were indeed expecting. It was probably one of our happiest and proudest moments we have had together! Both of us are the oldest siblings in our family and have grown up with children, always knowing that we wanted to be young parents and wanted to have a happy little family! We had to have an early ultra sound to determine the dates of conception and birth and it was such an amazing day. Although it felt like my bladder was going to burst, being able to take home a disk and look at the pictures daily and know that there is a little "peanut" (as we call the baby) inside of me was something that we have waited a while for :)

Jude was born On April 13th, 2012 weighing 8 lbs 3 oz. After 23 hours of labour he was finally born at 11:29 pm.
He completed my little family <3