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Age 23
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Work manager at gymboree! college & being a mommy
Location Tennessee
Interest aubree, family, holidays, ME time. Cooking! shopping, (when i can) family trips, reading. movies, ect.
Kids 17
im lacey!
i live in Knoxville, Tennessee.
i have a Gorgeous, precious,amazing wonderful(i know, im biased LOL) baby girl, born October 18, 2011. shes starting to do all kinds of new and exciting things everyday, i never realized how blessed someone could be until i had her, and i must say i am pretty darn blessed.. Im a positive (most of the time) outgoing & high energy type of person. i don't like negativity. RESPECT is a big thing to me, i will always respect someone if they show me the same in return. & most of all IM A NEW FIRST TIME MOMMY! here to learn & talk with others. :)

prettiestbrunette1.jpgabout Aubree: she is 4 months old, as of the 18th of february.
the love of my life. she can now reach out and grab things (constantly) lol.
hold her bottle( most of the time)
roll over
make me smile so much my cheeks burn!

i love this little girl more than words can say.

her father and i feel more than blessed to have the oppurtunity to raise this little gift, we can't wait to see what the future has to hold for her, and us as a family.

What kind of mother am I?
Im a baby wearing, disposable diapering, formula feeding, co-sleeping, will be- baby food making, good dang mommy!

aubree and i have a bond stronger than i would have ever thought. when her baby blue eyes look into mine, i can just feel the love. My mother says it looks like her heart melts every time she looks at me, and mine does the same for her. she is my world. Someone said to me once "you will never know true love , until you become a mother" and the were absolutely right.

what does the future hold?
well. currently i am in school full time, majoring in early childhood development. hopefully in a few years i will be teaching highschool lifespan and development classes! I am not married, and don't plan on it until bryan and i have enough money to have the wedding of our dreams, (were all musy like that, "memories last a lifetime" is kind of our motto, and we wanna do it right) ;) i didnt plan having a baby so soon, but accidents happen and now i wouldn't take it back for anything! in the future i wanna live somewhere in the country, with a few acers, a dog, and 4 or 5 more children. no, im not crazy. i just love kids. :)

im a lover, not a fighter. BUT i will fight for what i love.