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Age 22
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Work taking care of my son :D and daughter
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Due Jan 20, 2013
I am currently 19 years old and have one child a boy his name is kaiden and he is sure the handful but he is the sweetest most loving little boy in the world he popped out, December 9 2011 at 7:04 am wheighing 10lbs 4oz, so that makes him nine months old :D I am also pregnant with my second and last child a girl and I am due January 21 2012 ( just found out today :) ) I am currently working on trying to graduate highschool considering i only need 4 or 5 more credits to do so.. then hairstyling and cosmotology for me :D Me and my fiance have been engaged for a little less then a year he proposed the day after mothers day :) and me loving him with all my heart said yes!!
We obviously have our little fights about stupid things but what young couple doesnt.. we now have our perfect little family our boy and our newborn baby girl :D