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My name is Jane and I am 22 years old.

After one month of TTC we got a BFP in June 2010

I am now the Mum of one little boy who is 8 months old!

Born on February 24th 2011. At 12.28pm, Weighing 8pounds 9ounces 3.85kg

We named him McKenzie Okojie Koh

This is the first photo we ever took of him. (Taken by Daddy)
I really wanted to breastfeed, and I am lucky to still be going strong!
QysAp1.png6weeks, 3months, 6months breastfeeding badges.ribbon_silver_6w.gifribbon_rosequartz_3m.gifribbon_garnet_6m.gifMcKenzie is my bouncy little monkey, and he loves spending time with his Daddy
267613_10150270217326096_577051095_92400Father and son... xx

299144_10150385117301096_577051095_10214He is getting around now and we really have to keep an eye on him!

At 21 years old I was made a mummy to:
McKenzie, Me and Anderson:
I took a pregnancy test on Aug 28th and we found out after 1month of trying that we are expecting another baby!!

My Second Pregnancy: due June 1st 2012
1st Trimester
Weeks 1-4: Baked!
Weeks 5-8: Baked!
Weeks 9-13: Lost my baby at 11weeks 3 days on november 15th 2011

"Our hearts still ache with sadness, And Secret tears still flow, What it meant to lose you, No one can ever know."

I don't know how, such tiny feet left such a footprint on my heart.
We started TTC again on DEC 8th after we lost our lil one. And finally got a BFP on VALENTINES DAY 2012....