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I have the most amazing husband in the whole world and now the most precious little girl, Izabella Corinne, as of April 19, 2012!!!! She was 6 lb 11 oz and 18.25" long. She was born with a small heart murmur that went away within 24 hours, jaundice that went from a 9 when we left the hospital to a 3 by the time she was 6 days old, she had a bowl movement inside the womb, and she had a lot of fluid in her stomach. But even with all of that against her she has turned out to be a healthy, strong, and smart baby girl!!! I go to school online full time and going for an Associates in Art: Information technology support.

I found out 7/27/12 that we are expecting another little bundle of joy. Charles Edouard is due on April 6, 2013. That means my son and my daughter will be just under a year apart in age. My son is due 13 days before my daughter's first birthday!!!

Neither pregnancies were planned (I was on birth control both times) but we are so glad to have our precious babies!!!