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Over the last 2 years I experienced nothing less than joy and excitement, as my hubby and I exchanged vows and later found out we were expecting, our now 9 month little mermaid or as her dad and uncles call her - B'ball Champ! lol

Just as we thought it couldnt get any better, as our daughter grew to 5 months, we were told that we were expecting the next little edition to our family! :)
But just as quickly as the joy of yet again being pregnant and imagining our two little ones together had gathered in my mind and filled my heart , we lost our angel baby weeks after.
I still remember as if it were yesterday that gut wrenching feeling...and I felt like it had never faded when yet again we found out we were expecting!
I was too afraid to feel that loss again! And all too soon...

Im 15wks pregnant now. We did lose another one, the drs told us its called The Vanishing Twin Syndrome. And this pregnancy has it complications that sends me off to hospital to check on our little survivor, to then get sent home with a smile on our faces, images of our little soldier non stop moving around inside me, and the reassurance that he/she is healthy as can be! :) :)

Im happy! I can say Ive experienced my losses and my triumphs in motherhood and there is SO much more in-store! But I'll take it as it comes, and for now fingers crossed I have this one full term and healthy!!! :D
God Bless!