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Hola!! The birth name is Natalie; but you can call me Nat cuz Lord knows everyone else does. My husband and I have been together since May 19, 2011 (which is also my birthday) & we married on December 8th, 2012! I have taken on the role of "step-mommy" to Aj's 5 year old son who i love with all my heart and its the best thing ever! We found out Sept 12 2011 that we were expecting our first child together & we couldnt have been happier!! On April 14th 2012 i gave birth to our son Marco Antonio at 12:39am weighing in at 8lbs 11.6oz & 21 in long... He is the center of my world! Im a sweetheart, a kind soul, open minded & honest :) I love meeting new people and dont mind random PT's :) but at least stop by to introduce yourself or say hi!



I was Diagnosed with PCOS in January 2011, an ultrasound showed a "string of pearls (cysts)" in both of my ovaries, it was the most heartbreaking thing for me....

... I found out i was pregnant in September 2011!!! First fetal ultrasound showed absolutely no cysts in my ovaries!! HOPE MATTERS!


I became an Angel Mommy in December 2007 after carrying my little angel for 6 weeks. I just knew it was a boy and i chose to call him Caison Ross. I miss you everyday my little angel baby. (He'd  be 7 this year)