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my name is tiara (t-air-uh) im 18 years young, and i have the best job in the world! my job tittle is 'mother'. i had my beautiful bundle of joy on march 24th 2012; her name is true lee kerwin. before i got pregnant i enjoyed being a teenager, but being pregnant you cant really do that. if i could give advice to anyone young considering getting pregnant it would be this; wait. once you get pregnant you can no longer drink, or smoke (if thats what you're in to) you cant go on roller coasters, you cant inner tube, ski, anything along those lines; this applies to anyone who is pregnant but being a teen you're likely more active. its very true that you'll lose so many of your friends while pregnant as well because they're still out doing there thing, things you cant. finishing school is almost impossible if you live on your own. bills, rent, spending money, house needs, and now baby needs, you'll be flat broke. unless you or your man has a very stable, high paying job, a sturdy house, a reliable car, and daycare i suggest you dont get pregnant. just wait. being a mom is the most amazing thing in the world dont get me wrong! but when me and my bf want to go have a nice dinner, or catch a movie, we cant because we have a crying baby that other people dont want to hear. say i want to run to the store real quick to grab a candy bar, well okay then first you have to get the baby ready, feed it, change it, get the diaper bag ready, get the baby in the car seat, buckle the car seat in the car, get to the store, get the baby out, get your candy bar, then get the baby back into the car, then get home and unload everything. alot of people are misconstrued on how having a baby really is, they think i get to have a cute prego belly and all the attention, i have the baby i get to dress up, and thats that. but no there is so much pain while being prego, puking, then contractions, and pushing the baby out, even if you have a c-section then you have to heal from the surgery, then once you take the baby home you have to wake up a bunch during the night to feed, change, burp the baby, and sometimes thats not all that makes the baby happy, you might have to sit and bounce or walk around, try different positions holding the baby. nursing (amazing bonding) huuuuuuuurts! your poor nipples will get pulled and clamped down on and chapped and sore. it may sound like i am complaining but honestly im not, i am more great full for being a mom than anything in the world. i am just saying how it truly is. because all of us who are parent brag about how amazing it is, and we forget that there is alot of young people out there who are easily influenced and think being a parent is all rainbows and sunshine, not spit ups and tantrums lol.

anyways now about my family; me and my baby daddy have been together since February 14th 2011. cant say we have had a fairy tale relationship but it is getting there (: my prince charmings name is brendan david kerwin he's 22 years old. he has been there for me through everything. once we found out we were pregnant we got our stuff together. we moved out of our parents house and got our own place, a car, and everything we needed and more for the baby. she's spoiled! our fam consists of me, him, our daughter, a dog names guido (more like our son) and a cat named meowse. my pregnancy was a normal one, but i did go 7 days past my due date. my labor was an easy one. i went all natural, no meds! i did not cry nor did i scream; i see crying and screaming useless, why get yourself get all worked up because you still have to go through with the pain. true was born at 5:27am 7lbs 4oz, 19 1/2in. 10 fingers and 10 toes, breathing, and 100% healthy. she is the love of me and her fathers life (: