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Age 22
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Due Aug 02, 2013
I am a mother to a baby girl who was born May 3rd 2012.
I am due August 3rd for my baby boy but, will be having him 2 weeks early due to a previous c-section.

My labor with my first was a tough road:
I was due April 24th and was induced Monday April 30th. We tried the pills in my uterus and pitocin that Monday and Tuesday. After being in constant labor we talked about my options of a c-section that Wednesday morning but, I refused because, I wanted a vaginal birth. So Wednesday night we attempted to put the balloon in my cervix. Something happened and it popped right back out. So Thursday morning my doctor came in my room and said through all that I still wouldn't even dilate a bit. I had already been having non-cervix changing contraction nearly through the entire month of April so Thursday morning on the fourth day of labor I finally agreed to pursue the c-section. They gave me the epidural, prepped me for surgery, and my beautiful baby girl was born 10:26 am Thursday, May 3rd 2012. It was depressing to have to have surgery but, we found out something was wrong with me and whether I had dilated or not I would not have been able to successfully deliver her. So I am glad that I had an extra option. I was up and moving when the epidural wore off and I went home that Saturday if I'm not mistaking. The days after didn't matter I was so wrapped up in my little booger that I don't remember anything about the days after besides her ♥