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.Me and my husband met 5 years ago and started dating even though our relationship was kind of rocky and we broke up a few times i knew we were ment to be together. He purposed to me march 17th 2010 and of course said yes. One year later on March 17th 2011 we became husband and wife. that was one of the happist days of my life. we were started our lives together and i was a full time student going to school to work with horse's. In september 2011 while laying in bed i came to the relization that i was late i didnt tell my husband stright off becaus we've had a ooops im late moment before. About a week later when i was good and sure something was up i told him and two days later we took a home pregnancy test it was an instant positive. i was really excited and nervous at the same time i had always wanted children but we planned on waiting til i graduated from college but we were both very happy. We got to hear the heart beat at my very first doctors appointment because the doctor wanted me to have an ultrasound because of some issues i was having. Me and my husband were both hoping for a girl even though we were going to be happy either way. On January 11th 2012 we found out that ITS A BOY. I was instantly so excited i wanted to start buying little boy stuff right then and there. We decided on the name Rylan Avery which i absolutly fell in love with as soon as it came to me. Now its just a waiting til my due date game im so ready to hold and cuddle our little baby boy but i can wait til he's all healthy and ready to come into this world. so far my pregnancy has been uncomplicated aside from some problems its causing me but as long as he is healthy i will suffer in silence. I think everything about this is absolutly amazing from hearing his heartbeat and seeing him to feeling him move and watch him make my belly move.