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My name is Natalie. I am 25 years old and this is our first child. This was very unexspected, I was having some major problems before I got pregnant was having alot of back problems, going to the bathroom, feeling sick all the time. So when I finally received insurance through my work I was starting to try and find out what was seriousily wrong. So I was getting Xrays, Blood tests, lots of doctors visits and yes this whole time I am takingmy birthcontrol which I have taken everyday since I was 13. So my doctor of course put me on an anti-biotic for infection that was showing up in my stole and blood samples and well 3 months of this...I had just about enough of the tests but continued on the anti-biotic and my birthcontrol. I had never, EVER, had a regular period I could go months w/o one or have one on the dot everymonth it was weird. So one day my boss, had me go to a Wal-Greens to get a birthday card for one of our counselors and well while I was there I came across the pregnancy tests, I don't know why I bought one and it never crossed my mind that I was and well it didn't even ake 2 seconds and that test read PREGNANT...So here I am 5 months later still pregnant, scared to death, but as happy as a mom to be can be. ;)


babypicture.jpg20wks 4days how they grow so fast!!!!