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I'm 30. Yes. 30. single mother of three wonderful babies! Scarlett is my oldest, she's 6 going on 7 in June, My son is Kenya and he's 5, and my youngest is Etienne and she's 2. They are the most important thing in my life-
I'm a semester away from a associates in Photography/Art and currently working towards an associates in g*****c design. I am a photographer, out of work photographer,which sucks but I'm hoping to
start my own business as soon as I get my degree ( Or sooner if things just work that way).
In my free time I admire art and artist. There's so much wonder and passion that it's almost like reading a great book you can't put down. I paint, as well, but more for entertainment and my own curiosity.
I also LOVE Music. It's what keeps me balanced and optimistic .
Gone with the wind is my all time favorite movie- Clark Gable has my heart- too bad he's been dead for a few decades.
I'm a vary open person and excepting of most perspectives and reason. I'm a Left wing hard core liberal , as a warning, but tend to embraces free thinking and Independence .
Im a military brat so I bounced around alot from Alamogordo New Mexico to Cheyenne Wyoming, to San Antonio Texas, to St Louis. I look forward to getting to know as many people as possible- Pick their brains and gain as much knowledge as I can. drop a line, grab a drink...I'm all ears!