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proud-mommy-of-1-beautiful-kid.gif374595_195771613838938_100002183036428_4Eliza Jade Coates born August 18, 2009 (6lbs 7.4oz & 19 in' long)

Boogee is the nickname for her now a days, She cant tie her shoes but she can count to 10 & say all of her ABC'S. I've recently got her potty trained she now uses diapers for bed and long trips only! She's great at puzzle games and she can tell if were passing Mcdonalds from miles away or Chucky Cheese ha ha. If she's watching a commercial or something on t.v and we go to the store an if she see's something she saw she will randomly yell out the object or word. Like once we went to home depo and he said "look mommy, decon get out" ha ha she's to cute!
I simply adore my little girl, she is my world my life my everything. She is the reason I wake up every morning and the reason I stay strong. I love my rotten little mini me.
Yup I sure am, sometimes it does get old but other times I love getting paid with hugs and kisses, (xoxox).
I'm technically a DOMESTIC ENGINEER! So are the rest of the SAHP/M/D (stay at home parents, stay at home moms and stay at home dads.)
303270_176807995735300_100002183036428_3Timothy I love you with all my heart and soul. This man right here is the 2nd love of my life, he's an amazing father to his 2 boys and to my little girl. I couldn't ask for anyone else or anything else from him. He truly is one of a kind. Yeah we have our differences but whose relationship is perfect? no ones! Your amazing babe, love you!
419694_251101718305927_100002183036428_5426691_242424852506947_100002183036428_5Braden, your so smart and talented and I'm so glad that your apart of my life now. Your a great big brother not only to Collin but to Eliza, thank you bub.
Oh boy here we go, This is Collin he's very rotten lol, just like boogee! But he's gonna be a heartbreaker when he grows up I can tell ya that! =) I'm so greateful to have these two additions in my life, I've always wanted a little boy named Collin now I have one lol, THey may not be MY kids but they are apart of MY life =) and I Love them as if they were my own.