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An Angel in the book of life wrote down our baby's birth, and whispered as she closed the book- "Too beautiful for earth."
Rest In Peace little one we love you very much

My Name is Katelynn I'm 22 very soon to be 23. I was expecting my very first baby in the spring, sadly at a checkup around 15 weeks I found out my precious child didn't have a heartbeat. That was the worst day I have ever had to live through and it has only gotten mildly easier to make it through the days and weeks. I had a D&C at what would have been 16 weeks and that was just as bad because I had to wait a week after finding out to have the procedure done. After talking with my SO we decided to get the genetics testing done to see what happened. After waiting about 3 weeks my doctor called me with the results and let me know what the gender was. My little boy had what they call Trisomy 18 :(
For now I'm just living day to day I'm not anxious to try again though I would love to have a baby. I know my beautiful Jacob Anthony is in heaven with no pain or suffering only happiness. I miss you everyday baby and I love you so much.


1321494427802598f5.pngSeptember 6th : HPT positive:shock:

September 20th: Another HPT I just didn't believe it figured my usually out of whack period was just that completely out of whack.

September 26th: Visit to ER due to severe pain and cramps. Confirmed pregnant by ultrasound and labs (8 weeks) . Heard the heartbeat for the first time.

October 4th: First OB appointment (9 weeks) told I was really swollen so sex would continue to hurt and it would probably be better to abstain for awhile (SO not happy with that news lol). He heard the heartbeat for the first time didn't believe it could be that fast.

October 20th: Second OB appointment (11.2 weeks). Blood drawn for labs ewwww

November 1st-25th: In PA for a visit with SO's family

November 17: Very Bad Day :( Went to doctor to make sure everything was ok, he could not find a heartbeat told me that my uterus was tilted so that may be why sent me for an emergency sonogram also could not see the heartbeat. Scheduled for a D&C. Will be having them double check everything before the procedure because I did not feel very good about how the doctor and sonographer handled the situation. The sonographer really told me she had no idea how to use the machine who says that?!

My beautiful little angel was not meant for this world, mommy and daddy love you very much and can't wait to see you in heaven.