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I am 20 goin on 21 and pregnant with my first bby by surprise, she wasnt a planned thing. Yep im having a rowdy girl already stir up a storm and she hasnt even took her first breath yet :/ lol Her name is Chloe (my choice) Emaline (my mama's mama's name) McLean (my maiden). I know who her daddy is but dnt know how to find him and really dnt want to. When i found out i was pregnant i took a at home test in a hotel room, not cause a missed period but cause i was sick for a wk straight. When i seen that plus sign i knew my world was about to turn up side down. I went straight to my mama's house and took another test cause she thought i was jokin (really who in theyre right minds joke about that!!) well then i went to the health dept and bein that i was on the depo shot and didnt have periods i had to get a ultra sound to find out how far along i was. According to measurments in july i was 16 wks :O yeah yall i was in my 2nd trimester before i even knew about the 1st one. i went two wks later to find out what i was having and gettin better measurements and dnt ya know she wouldnt turn the right way so i was in the dark until wk 28. i got a ultrasound at Catawba Medical and they said my bby was only 2.5 lbs at 28 wks so they admitted me right then to figure out what was goin on. i had a doppler readin done and it came back abnormal, meanin my baby wasnt gettin the nutrients it generally gets from the amniotic fluids flowin threw the umbilcal cord. I was told that i was gonna be inpatient on bed rest with bathroom privaledges till birth but since ive been here my doppler reading have been normal and i may get to go home soon!! My mama is my spine threw this, even though she can't be here to hold my hand due to her job as a truck driver she makes me feel that im not alone. I have a 4yr old nephew (gage) and a 10 yr old neice(hannah) that ive helped my sister raise, she is also a single parent and they are thrilled to have a new addition to our small family. I am a animal lover and generally have a small zoo back at home but over the year ive manage to decrease my pets to just dogs. I have a 8 yr old beagal/fiest mix (LULU) 2yr sharpei (Zoey Redbird) and her pup that will be a yr in dec (Toby), they know i am pregnant, lulu has seen many babies but i think toby is gonna have a hard time cause he's mama's lil (HUGE) boy and would have it no other way. I have a pet snake that i've slowly decided has to go, lol. My nursery theme is Tinker Bell, i've been busy weaving a baby pink & purple blanket for Chloe. My mama has been puttin my nursery together since ive been in the hospital. im excited to see whats been done hopefully i get out soon to see!!
Oh i about forgot to mention how all my close friends are pregnant too. One had a boy about a month ago (Jackson Deal), my bf since middle school had her lil boy 2 wks ago(Chance Annis) and my practically sister is in labor right now (11/11/11) she is havin a girl too (Melody Price).
So i already know who Chloe's best friend hopefully is gonna be and maybe her fiance (fingers-crossed) As i sit here typing the girl next door just had a rowdy bby i hear it cry, gonna go hit up the nursery soon <3!!!
I think ive said all i can think of now. . i'll post more as the days continue