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Let me tell you a bit about my previous pregnancy, it didnt go that great at first i was in love and i stil am with the whole being a mother thing but things started falling appart when the lady at the clinic told me that no baby was developing in the sac, i fell appart completely, i was looking foword on being a mother soo badly now that nothing made me happyer and i was just devestated.. i couldnt take it, i cried soo much that i though i wasnt going gto be able to cry anymore the way i did that day, the only thing that made everything go away was my mothers warmth of her hugs, her being so understanding.
One of the last ultrasounds that they did at the clinic i took a picture that showed that indeed i had a Blighted Ovum but even then i was sad because that was supposed to be my baby... here a little picture of what they saw...

Apperantly from the previous week the sac hadnt even grown and it was just not looking good in anyway, i finally accepted it but it stil hurt deep within me. i had to accept it though. Finally i was given 5 days to see if i miscarried on my own but it didnt happen so i was schedualed for a D&C on tuesday Dec 13,2011, but on monday which was the day before i started cramping and bleeding at the early hours of the day like around 1:04 a.m. me and my family went to the ER and they told me that my body had started having the miscarriage on its own but it was incomplete so i stil had to go in for the D&C the next day. I tried to not cry but once they injected the medicine i coulnt help to cry and feel like shit since it was all finally going to be out of me, my baby was no longer going to be nomore, once and for all. I hated it but even a couple days later i feel much better i feel like i could let go and be able to continue, I will never forget about my little Angel Baby , He/She will forever remain in my heart <3
Angel Baby 12/12/11 - 12/13/11 both days that it took for the miscarriage to be complete..


Never in a million f**king years would i have thought that what one of my friends told me that happened to her first pregnancy would happen to me, lifes full of surprises and i gess with have to take life the way that somes to use and learn to over come the obsticles that are our way, something like this is not at all easy to cope with but being with the ones you love and that love you really does help..
This was my first pregnancy and i was told by the doctor that not because it happened this first time around its bound to happen again, so dont lose hope, and i am not.

Baby Dust To All TTC<3