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Interest fishing, camping, spending time with my beautiful daughter. I'm a huge fan of the outdoors.
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Due Jun 07, 2016

So, ita been a while but I now have 2 beautiful girls :)...


And now we're hoping bambino #3 is a boy!


Update! I'm on bed rest right now..Doctors Orders. Here is a picture of her... I am 29 weeks right now with her and I can't wait to meet my beautiful daughter. I can't wait to see how annalina is with her. Joe can't wait to hold his 3rd daughter! Enjoy!

My New Life


Hey! I'm VanessaLynn and i'm 25 years old. I am married to a wonderful man.^^^ Yeah that's him right there. He has been nothing but an amazing man to my daughter and me, I dont know where I would be without him. He has given me so much but there is a whole nother part of me that you haven't met yet. She is my reason for living. I love her so much, my beautiful daughter...Annalina Elizabeth Peterson....


Well, that's her! Right there, that looks nothnig like me haha and has everything of her dad. She is awesome not going to lie. To be honest I wanted a boy so bad for my first, but God had a different idea for me and decided to give me the blessing of a girl. She is now 9 months and has been crawling like a bat out of hell and she is starting to talk. Well... more like dadadadadadada hahahahah But like I said I wouldn't trade her for anthing in the world. Well this is my family, my life....this is me. I don't know much but I have been through child birth with no epidural and I will NEVER forget what I felt, but I do know that it was worth it. If you want to talk or have questions, you know what to do:)

About the mommy!
Name: Vanessa Lynn
Age: 25
First child?: Not anymore lol my 2nd
About the daddy!
Name: Joseph
Age: 27
First child?: It's daddy's third!!!
Finding out!
What day did u find out?: Well I found out because we were planning the baby, so I waited and took a test and sure enough boom goes the dynamite!
How did u feel when u found out?: I was really excited!!!.
Who was with u?: Joe!

Telling the grandparents! Well, he called his mom and dad and family and told them. We then went over to my mom's and waiting till it was just her and told her. She was like oh no another? and we said yes, then she was like well I am excited to be a grandma again!!
About the pregnancy!
When is ur due date?:

May 11th 2013
Do you have stretch marks?:

yes, i was still working on getting rid of the ones i got from annalina when yeah...your prego!
What was your first symptom?:

Morning sickness! more like all day morning sickness
Have you felt the baby move?:

Not yet i'm only 6 weeks and 6 days
Pre-pregnancy weight?: 216lbs
Weight now?: 213lbs
Favorite Snack: Pickles!!!

Sex of the baby!
What we're having: we don't know right now, still to early!
When did you find out?:Unknown
About the birth!Who is going to be with u?: prolly joe and my mom again
What will you bring as your "survival bag?" EVERYTHING!!! my phone,the babies stuff, my clothes,...etc.
Are u going to videotape it?: No!! YOU THINK THIS IS NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC?!?!?
Natural or medicated?: Natural
Are u scared about the labor?: Yes but not as much as the first pretty prepared this time unless...this one gives me trouble lol