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Due Apr 07, 2015

Now pregnant with 2nd baby - 6 weeks pregnant (I think) :)

Due April 2015


- 16

- Due June 8th 2012

About Mommy

Name?: Tam

Age?: 16

Is this your 1st Child?: Yep :)

Finding Out

When did you find out?: September

How did you feel?: Abit scared.

Who was with you?:No one 

About the Pregnancy

When is your Due Date?: June 8, 2012.

How far along are you: 22 weeks

Is this your first pregnancy: Yes

How many children do you want to have: 2 will do me!

Do you like being pregnant: Sometimes!

Were you trying to conceive: I don't really know.

Did you consider an abortion: No!

What made you think you were pregnant: kinda just knew!

What was your first symptom: Cramps and mood swings.

Have you had any morning sickness: NO :D

Have you had any mood swings: Yes very bad at the start!

Have you had a stronger sense of smell: Noo.

Have you had any swelling in your hands or feet: I dont think so.

Have you had any aches or pains: back pain, cramps, ribs hurt, muscles in tummy...everything!

Do you have any pregnant friends: Yes.

Have you felt any movement: Lots of kicks!

Will you breastfeed: If my nipples arnt too sore then yes!

When did you first start showing: about 13 weeks.

Do you have any stretch marks: Yes :( lots on my boobs.

How have you been sleeping: Not too well.

Will you take maternity leave: I don't work so I don't need maternity leave.

You bought any baby things: We have a few things, bath, changing mat, few nappies, couple of clothes.

Are you more excited or nervous: Very very Excited!

Sex of the Baby

What do you want?: A Lil girl because I already have one!

Do you know what you are having?: A GIRL :D

Are you Happy with the sex?: very.

About the Birth

At home or hospital: Hospital

Vaginal or C-section: Vaginal

Natural or Medicated?: I would prefer natural, but I may get medicated

Will you be induced: Hopefully not

Who is going to be with you?: My boyfriend and probably mom.

Do you think you will have a C-Section?: Hopefully not

Do you think you will cry when you first hold your baby?: YES!!!

Are you scared about the Labor?: Not too scared lol.