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Hey, my names Katie! I have one son who was born May 10th, 2012. He is a breastfed baby! I never once thought I would ever get pregnant at such a young age. Thankfully I had an amazing support system though, and my pregnancy went by nice my smoothly. I was high risk though because I have a blood clotting disorder, although it had no effect on my pregnancy. I am closer to no one other than my mother. She understands me better than anyone ever could.She supported me more than I deserved, and I could never say thank you enough.

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My labor story:
I went in at 3pm on the 9th of May to be induced. I was already 2cm dilated and 50% effaced. They started by giving me cytotec every four hours starting around 4:30. They gave me two doses, then came in to check my cervix when it was time for the third and I was 3cm, 70% effaced, and having contractions, so they decided to move me over to labor and delivery. around 1:30am they broke my water and my contractions started getting stronger. At about 3am my contractions hurt so bad I was throwing up so they gave me an epidural, I was still only 3cm but 80% effaced. They came in to check me at 5am and I was 4 cm. They came in again at 8am just to flip me over and I told the nurse about the incredible urge I had to poop, so she checked my cervix and thankfully I was completely dilated and effaced, ready to push and the nurse could feel his head already. I made them wait though because I absolutely HAD to have my mom there. I tried to wait as long as I could, but the urge got so strong I started pushing about 5 minutes before she got there. I was getting very irritated with the nurse because she kept saying "this is the push, this is the push!" and I kept thinking his head was about to be out when only the very top of it was. Eventually the doctor came in and she started delivering my baby. Every time I would push, the babies head would come out more, but then he would slide back in. The doctor ended up cutting me and about 3 pushes later, after an hour and 25 minutes of pushing, at 10:04am Ryan Nicholas was born. He weighed 8lbs. 6oz. and was 20 and a half inches long. I was unable to hold him for the first hour (besides when they put him on my chest immediately) because I was in so much pain that I was sick and throwing up, and the nausea medicine wasn't working. They eventually had to give me morphine to ease my pain so I wouldn't feel sick anymore.