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I'm married, have a very beautiful son who is my world. He's growing quickly as is and he's already in size 4 diapers! This kid needs to slow down lol. Anyway, we might be trying for our second child soon, sometime after the new year; just have to bring it up to my hubby about it to see what he thinks as I really want a Fall baby and for my kids to be close in age.

Also another thing about me, I don't like being told what to do when it concerns my child. I will do what is right for him and when I am comfortable with it; I have enough family (in laws) that are trying to tell me how to raise him and giving things to him as early as 2 months old. I'm sorry, but he's not your child so back off.

(Sorry for whoever had to read that rant, I'm a first time mom and rather learn by trial and error then be told by family and especially strangers on what to do with him or any other kids I have. Unless you're his doctor, then its different. lol)