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I have one daughter who will be 10 years old when bub arrives :) I have only one tube as I had an ectopic pregnancy which ruptured my tube and I lost both bub n tube. The doctors said my other side was blocked. My closest friend is gifted and continually told me that she saw me with a newborn within the next year. That was aprox 3 months ago. Considering my other 'baby' is now ten I just laughed it off. <3 I am blessed. I', due on the 10th according to last ultrasound but to get the correct week updates Ive entered my due date as 4th July. I will have to have a C-section again due to history and medical. My mother had a massive stroke when she had me and was paralised down one side for over 2 years. My Daughter had to be C-sectioned on 1st March 2002.