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Age 29
Gender Female
Status Married
Location Los Angeles, California
Kids 1
Due Jun 15, 2012 (boy)
Energetic firecracker. Misunderstood child living in a body of a 25 year old women. Made entirely of flaws, stitched together with rainbows and good intentions.

My name is Jennifer, I like to go by Jenny and if your a close friend you know me by Jenny Penny. I am a mom and wife. I'm a pretty out-going person who never sees the bad in others... which sometimes tends to get me into trouble. I'm a corky gal who sees the beauty in everything and everyone. Over all I'm a pretty nice person, sometimes people just don't understand me but when they see it in my light, they're usually glad they met me.
I'm always around awesome friends and family who I can always make laugh. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Music, Acting, Movies and Art and I KNOW someday my name will be rolling off of everybody's lips.