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I am a Strong Mommy of 1 angel baby and 1 Micro-Preemie <3
I had my first daughter @ 31 weeks Gestation 3lb 10oz 17 inches. She was Stillborn due to an Umbillical Accident along with Pre-eclampsia. R.I.P My little Princess <3

After a long struggle with the pain of my loss and the hopes of never having to feel that pain ever again my prayers were answered with the blessing of another baby girl.

I awoke one morning with an awkward gush feeling and instantly called my doctor. I later found out that i had ruptured membranes at 23 weeks gestation on 1/17/12. I was told I could go into labor at any minute and my Daughter had a very slim chance of survival. I had to keep her in as long as i possibly could. Heartbroken and devastated i awaited the worst.

On 1/28/12 My Beautiful Micro Preemie Miracle was born. 1lb 8.5oz and 12 1/4th inches.She is currently in NICU and beating the odds and I am proud to say she's alot stronger than her Mommy. Her big sister is truly her Guardian Angel.