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Gender Female
Status Married
Location New Zealand
Kids 2
Due Oct 08, 2012
Ovulation date: Tue, January 17th ,2012
Conception date: Tue, January 17th ,2012
Implantation date: Thu, January 26th ,2012
Due date: Tue, October 9th ,2012

My name is Kaelani Hamilton. I am a proud wife and mother of two beautiful daughters. My husband, Troy and I are expecting our 3rd child (Oct 2012) and prayerfully, a little boy will be born! We live in New Zealand and want to try for one more child
I have been using baby gaga for 7 years now and have met some fantastic women along the way! This website is fabulous and I'm thrilled to be joining BG once again!

311371_10150921079390164_769553508_n.jpgTROY & I AT THE HAMILTON GARDENS
379781_10150957436295164_668075163_21847TROY & MYSELF ON OUR ROAD TRIP ACROSS NEW ZEALAND


25877_10150099573990164_668075163_113147 GRAYCE AT 4 MONTHS OLD!
431632_10151322994350164_668075163_23131LITTLE MISS GRAYCE MAE AT 6 YEARS OLD!

10525_268515675163_668075163_8699220_326 ELLIE ALANNAH JUST A FEW HOURS OLD

77099_10150338813810164_668075163_160386 ELLIE ALANNAH; MY PRINCESS AT 9 MONTHS

167940_10150387278480164_668075163_16972ELLIE, NOW, AT 3YRS OLD!

149160_10150338821850164_668075163_16038GRAYCE, ELLIE & MAMA
i-love-my-girls.png271022_10150714193370164_668075163_19833MY PRINCESSES, ELLIE AND GRAYCE

Having two children isn't easy and it's a lot of hard work to get our bodies looking the way they used to. However, I've managed to maintain a nice figure! Diet and an everyday exercise regime is the key - even if it's walking for 10min!
481_500_csupload_27968827.jpg?u=500514466740_255074660163_668075163_8407327_6368EVEN AFTER HAVING TWO KIDS, I LOOK OK!

5036_215211760163_668075163_7365534_4105YOU CAN STILL SEE THE STRETCH MARKS, BUT, IT COULD LOOK MUCH WORSE!