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Age 26
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Location Melvindale, Michigan
Kids 2
i'm Paula
and if you didnt already know
that you shouldnt be here.
20 years old.

i have a beautiful daughter.
you cant have me without her.
you cant have her without me.
i have an amazing husband casey.
he's my bestfriend.
still a kid at heart.
only a handfull of friends.
and im proud of the
friends i do have.
they're amazing.
i hate random friend
request, so if you dont know me,
dont ad me.
chances are i dont like
you, so dont waste your time or mine.
i love my husband and daughter
more then a.n.y.t.h.i.n.g.
i love my family.
im sarcastic.
im a smartass.
i hate people who lie
because eventually i do find out.

so basicly, if you dont like what i have to say here, you wont like me. and thats fine because like i said above, chances are i dont like you.