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484471_452633441425868_1353235070_n.jpgHELLOO ??
Im Diana and im 21 years old i was induce on my 21 years bday to have my babyboy which was the best gift in the world world i was in labor for 12 hours with NO EPI OR PAIN KILLERS AT THE END THEY TOLD I WAS TO SMALL TO have my son that way soo they did a c-section he was 6 pounds and 15inches long but the 1st 3 days he had a cone head made him 18inches long it was the best feeding ever (: having my son by my side and being a mommy! after c-section i got vre :/ and it suckk i was in the hospailt for 5 days total 10 days after i was able to go home on a piccline for 2 weeks a month after i have a other infection that was also dealdy but i kick that infection in the but (: a other month as gone by and i got c-diff and colitis :/ colitis is under control but c-diff is kicking my ass soo im spending time in the hospatil fighting im in and out of the hospait i hate that i keep getting sick but im happy its me not my son im soo thankfull for my husband and my family that been here for my i love spenting every momentthat i have with my son (: i cant wait to be infection free

6 pounds and 1.8oz 15 inches and half cone head made him 18 inches long!! he was born via c-setion !


620584_404440022948216_864441818_o.jpgmy son was born august 7 few hours after my brithday!! i was in labor on my 21 brithday omg it was the best gift in the world i love my babyboy soo muchh!! hes my everything


it start off as, my best friend was dating hes best friend soo they told was about eachother lol soo i saw his pic n he saw minee && he knew i was the one for him, the 1st thing he said to me was we would make a cute couple! & we will last! we have a lot in common and your beautiful i was like omg haha andd i soo thought of him the same (: soo we talked the 1st day/night i was like omg i cant belive hes so amazing i did have alot of feelings & he did to we would not stop talking so least than a 2day wee were so inlove. we sleep over eachother house's and we couldnt be away from eachother soo we movee intogether (: best thing ever, he ask me to marry him andd duhh i would soo, we got married july,23,2011, we hadnt goten ourr honneymoon yet but we hope we do soo!! till this day i love him more and more!! hes amaing!! i love him,


gender_predictor_boy.jpg it was truee im having a babyboy we found out we were pregnant on Christmas eve we were surprise lol