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Age 27
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Status Married
Work Primary school teacher
Location United Kingdom
Interest My beautiful babies, teaching, english
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Due Dec 31, 2012 (boy)
My names Imogene a 24 year old mum from the UK. I am mother to two darling children and one angel baby.

Ava-Angeline- aged 4 years my beautiful little princess perfect in every single way.
Kanye- My little boy baking in my belly, 41 weeks and reluctant to come out!
Estelle-Rose- My beautiful angel baby who I miscarried at nearly full term (35 weeks) would have been my eldest daughter, rest in peace my darling x

Im married and my husband is in the RAF so is away from home the majority of the time. I work as a primary school teacher and absolutely love my job. I am so lucky to be blessed with an amazing man who helped me achieve my dreams and put me through university to get where I am now. I would not change my profession for the world and would recommend it to anyone. It can be demanding but I enjoy seeing my beautiful pupils face light up and love helping them learn and discover new things and my little girl loves having me as her teacher lol!

It is very pressuring being a mother too a young daughter and heavily pregnant with a son on the way and I can only imagine its going to get even more demanding when little Kanye is here but it is so worth it. My husband is away from home so I am working full time until 3 then home to cook the dinner and do the house work. I love my life and I am extremely grateful for god blessing me with two beautiful babies as i know there are plenty of people not as lucky as me and can not have children.

I have in the past suffered from mental health issues that I am not ashamed to talk about, luckily i overcame them and achieved my dreams thanks to my husband. I am happy to talk to anyone about my previous mental health issues so feel free to message me about them.

I have taken to this forum as I am off work for a while on maternity leave so have a lot of time on my hands and really enjoy socialising but due to living in a rural area its very hard for me to spend time with family and friends. If you have any questions or query's please inbox me and no matter what i will try my best to help you.

Estelle-Rose, Ava-Angeline and Kanye-James
my world x