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-My name is Marissa and I am 19
-I am a single mother of two.
-Christina is 3 and Aaron is 1.
-& Currently pregnant with twins :)

Christina Anahi was brought into this world when I was only 15. I had been with her dad since I was 13 and when we had decided we needed to be kids and not grow up too fast than we needed. We broke up. Then a great month later... I found out I was pregnant. I was due with a beautiful baby girl November 11, 2009.All went well. Great pregnancy, no morning sickness. Only cravings of Burger King and pineapple :) I was induced on Nov. 5 because the back pain was unbareable on my small frame. I got to 4cm and never dilated any further. I tried pushing for 20 min. to see if she would push a way through and nothing happened. I was completely terrified for my baby. Christina's heart rate dropped and I had a fever. So we were rushed down to the OR for an emergency c-section. Christina was born via emergency c-section Novemeber 6, 2009 @ 9:55 p.m. My little baby weighed 6.12 lbs and was an adorable 19.5 inches long. Christina was Mommy's pride and joy :) She was hardly ever sick as a baby. She went through milestones with a breeze. When she was 3 months old, her daddy decided being with me was too much .. He left me at my mom's that week and broke up with me over the internet.. pretty immature for an 18 year old. He had a girlfriend the next day... I was heartbroken but I would not let it tear me down. I was 16 with a baby and I knew I had so much more to look forward to. I went back to school and knew I could be happy again. Life was going amazing. I had my friends and all. I even reconnected with an old school friend :) I was happy. My friend was such a romancer :) swept me right off my 16 year old feet. He was 15 so I couldn't expect much. He was just so sweet to Christina and I. Always spending time with us. A dream come true more or less. We began dating and everything was going smoothly. We were both in school and doing what we knew was best. Even took it to the next level of sex. Which is when I became pregnant with my baby boy...

It was Halloween of 2010, I was late on my period. Already knew what it could be. I was scared to tell my mom and to tell my boyfriend. Scared he'd leave me with the baby alone like my ex. Mom was even more terrifying to tell. I told them the week after my Christina's 1st birthday. I was 9 weeks and 2 days. To my surprise, he stayed. He got a job. He had his head on straight.. at least at first he did. I was due this time with my baby boy June 25, 2011. Pregnancy was fine. No complications only the so-new-to-me heartburn after everything I ate and braxton hicks. We were great. Life was perfect yet again. No worries. Soon before I had my son, I found out a co-worker introduced my boyfriend to drugs. I had a talk with him and he said it was nothing just a one time thing. Of course it wasn't... I went on with my pregnancy, scheduling my c-section for June 23, 2011 @ 6am. I was told that my uterus is too weak to push a baby out. My uterus is likely to rupture killing both baby and I. I was fine with my c-section, I just wanted a healthy baby boy. The day came slowly but surely. I was so nervous. Heart racing and shivering of nerves. By 8:24 am I was a new mommy again. Aaron was a great 8.8lbs and 19 and 3/4 in. Huge compared to my daughter. Spikey, jet-black hair and chubby cheeks on my baby boy. Christina was thrilled to be a big sister. She helped me soo much. I couldn't believe how smart she was. Everything was going to normal with two babies now. We had our struggles but made through it. Daddy and I got into more and more arguements as the first year of Aaron's life went. I knew something wasn't right. Daddy wasn't the same. I found out that summer he was in fact still doing these drugs and so we split. My kids are too important for a life like that. I needed to show him, Mommy can be a parent all alone. He ended up being in jail for riding on the side of a friend's truck shortly after we split. He sobered up for a while and hoped on piecing it all together for the kids... I just needed more than that. I do confess to still having my times with him because I do love that boy I fell in love with those years ago.. and this is when I became pregnant yet again...


I was recently on the depo shot, having crazy periods during and after. I stop the shot after we split up because I didn't think I would be in another relationship anytime soon. So wrong of me to do. I lived my life with my kids with my mother's support. My dad was really never around.. I started questioning my weight gain since I stopped the shot a few months before and then realizing my period hadn't came in about 3 months.. which was the longest it would be gone. So I cam eto the conclusion I was pregnant AGAIN! Not knowing what to do, or who to go to.. I hid it. I hid it until I realized I could feel movement. I so regret ever doing that to my kids, my mom and my unborn children. I finally got the guts to tell my sister, which she convinced me to tell my mom. Mom of course wasn't happy at all. But as always never pushed abortion nor adoption. She had said I was an adult now so I have to decide on what was best. I tossed night and day between adoption and keeping them. I finally decided on keeping them. It will be hard but I can do this. The dad wants to help and says he has changed but I dare not to believe him. I have to see it for myself. He has to show me there is a difference. He is acting a lot like the guy I used to know... but who knows... As of today I'm 23 weeks and some days. I have my first prenatal appt this Friday. I can do this. I know I can. My kids need the best and I will give it my all. Whether others believe in me or not.. <3 I love all 4 of the lives I have helped make.

After being gone so long I decided to update some things. I am currently 35 weeks and 5 days. Finally getting close. My c-section has been scheduled for May 6. I'm soooo ready for this. I have always thought you could never be tired of being pregnant until now. These boys have really kicked my butt this time. All the aches and pains I've never experience are sometimes unbearable. As of this past Tuesday, Baby A aka Xavier was weighing a nice 4.14 pounds and Baby B aka Javier, a sweet 5.15 pounds. A pound difference but on schedule. Thank Goodness I haven't blown up like a balloon this pregnancy. Ready for my c-section so I can be able to chase my bigger kids around and be able to do so much more again. I miss being playful with them but they know I love them and its just for a little longer <3