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well im 26 i have two amazing kids falisaty nevarez is 7 and donte nevarez is 6 that i am raising on my own and before you think shes too young to have two kids already unless shes a hoe you got it all wrong i was with him since jr high for 8 yrs it didnt work out but no regrets here i would still do it again to have my kids i am a good person to everybody to all my friends i love ya yall give me all the support i could ever ask for its hard raising them alone but it doesnt hurt anymore cause they dont remember im glad that i am enough for them to those who dont know me i can be your best friends or your worst nightmare i dont care what you do in your personnel life but if it involves me or my kids shit will hit the fan dont try to play games cause im not for it and dont have time for childish drama my kids always come first if you dont like that then get to steppin cause it will never change and i love my honey alix she has changed my life for the better she is amazing i love her with everything i have