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I don’t have an amazing figure or a flat stomach. I’m far from being considered a model but, I’m me. I eat food, I have curves, I have more fat than I should, I have scars, I have a history. Some people love me, some like me, some hate me. I have done good, I have done bad. I love my Pj’s and I go without makeup and don’t get my hair done all the time. I’m random and crazy, I don’t pretend to be someone I’m not. I am who I am, you can love me or not. I won’t change! And if I love you, I do it with all my heart!!! I make no apologies for the way I am...

I have 3 beautiful Children: Devon, Jade ,& Nakiah

I Am trying to start an Organization that does global NON-RELIGIOUS type mission trips

I want to start a program that allows people to see first-hand how two-thirds of the world lives, expand their world view and give them an opportunity to become educators on world poverty by sharing their experiences. I want people to know how good they really have it!!

I'm looking for a career that lets me travel the world

I lost my mom in 1999, i miss her so much

I would give up all worldly possessions to travel the world and to be able to know that when i die that i made a difference in peoples lives. I would trade any worldly possessions for experiences.

I want to live my life with more passion, I want to find passion in everything i do i don't want to walk down the path of my life and find at the end of this path that I should have taken in the sights along the way and have regrets that i didn't veer off that path a little more when i had the opportunity to.

My dad had a heart attack this summer and it was the scariest thing I've ever been through.

When my uncles came to me to tell me my mom was dead i was actually relieved that it wasn't my dad!!! I love and would do anything to be with her again but something inside of me felt a kind of relief that i just can't explain. I was raised by my dad i suppose that had a lot to do with it.

I am a Sisseton-Wahpeton Oyate tribal memeber, member of The Lake Traverse District,and I live on the Lake Traverse Reservation.

I was locked up abroad(yes, just like the show)......long story......but it changed my life

I loved my husband but he was no good for me and now I'm happy to have a life free of him.....He had hurt me in ways so deep i feel i will never truly be the person i was before we met. I feel he took a big piece of my heart that i will never get back.
BUT FOR ANY GIRLS READING THIS. . .PLEASE KNOW. . .It's not the end of the world and life goes on and it WILL get better it just takes time to heal and find your passion again but you will look back and wonder why u didn't do it sooner when you realize how happy you can be.

I ♥ to paint, draw, bead, sew, sculpt. . .

I can be really unknowingly selfish. . .just wish i could realize it at the time & stop myself as i know it's not very becoming

I am a casino dealer. . .pays well but I'm tired of doing a job that I'm not passionate about and am now seeking a passionate career. . .wish me luck!!!

I'm very disorganized. . .always have been

If I won the lottery I would make myself a budget to be able to travel the world so that i could give the rest away. My dream is to give money away to people that really need it, only wish i could afford to do it now!

I love a man named Tyrone Panton but we cannot be together :( He taught me so much about myself that i feel as though I'm a better person to just have known him.

I struggle for motivation. . .i wish i could be as easily motivated as some people i know

I'm very very creative!!!

I'm very resourceful, i feel that i could survive pretty much anything with my mind and the clothes on my back and whatever happens to be around me.

I have a news years resolution to learn one new thing a day everyday!!! So far so good!

I need to lose weight!!! My ass is getting to damn BIG!!! LOL But it's a struggle
I ♥ to eat

I want my kids to experience the world so that they can grow up IN IT and learn from experiences,not just from books, i want them to know what is out there so that they can have a broader perspective of how the world works and know there's so much more to life that what is right here at this moment. Because after this life is said and done i think the only things you'll be able to take from this life is your passion and your memories, not all the CRAP you manage to AMASS!! SO AMASS MEMORIES!!

LAST BUT NOT LEAST. . . I wish I hadn't pushed certain people away from me, there's one person in particular that comes to mind I won't mention any names here but I've thought about him quite a bit over the years and realized as i got older that i pushed all the good ones away and I had a keeper and I kicked him to the curb for reasons ..... i guess i had no reason just liked chaos i guess....but i grew up.....