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Due Jun 24, 2012
The Name Is Lisa Marie, I Am 18 Years Old And Pregnant With My First Baby,I Live In Columbus Ohio, But I Soon Wanna Move To Florida. I Love My Home Town But I Wanna Live Somewhere Adventerous I Wanna Explore All The Things Ive Never Seen Before, I wanna Go To The Beach Play In The Sand With My Daughter ( When She Arrives) Takes Her Swimming, See All The Beautiful Things/ Creatures, And Most OF All Be In All That Beautiful Weather And Soak Up The Flordia SUN! :) I AM 38Weeks, Ill Be A Total Of 8 Months On Tuesday April 24th, Im VERY Scared To Be A Mother But I Know I Will Be A Good Mommy Honestly Only Thing Im Scared About Is LABOR, Oh Gosh I Am VERY Nervous Lol But When I Go Into Labor I Know I Wont Have That Long Until She Gets Here, Im Very Thankful Everyday That Im Gonna Be Blessed With A Beautiful Daughter Because I Was Told I Could Never Have Kids, And My Miracle Finally Came Along, Actually. I Think God Sent Her Here For The Same Reason He Sends Most Of Our Precious Gifts To Us, So We Will Slow Our Roll Down And Maybe She Will Help Us Suceed In Life And Forget About All The Dumb Stuff And Just Worry About Her, & or Him, I Really Feel Like She Deserves The Air I Breathe, And The Ground I Walk On, I Will Never Disapoint My Daughter, Nor Ever Let Her Down, Shes All That I Want In Life, Me And My Babies Dad Is Still Together (Thank God) And We Are Both VERY Happy That She Will Be Coming Into The World Very Soon! I Thank God Everyday For Sending Me My Angel! Thanks For Taking Time To Get To Know Me! God Bless You All! And Good Luck With Your Unborns! :)