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Age 20
Gender Female
Status Engaged
Work Full time student
Location Colorado
Due Sep 17, 2013
Momma to be. Due on September 18th.

I'm 17 years old, & currently doing my pre recs in college to become a nurse. I'm engaged to the father of my child since December 22nd of 2012.
I'm so lucky to have found the love of my life at such a young age. I realize I'm very young to be pregnant but I also believe that every baby is a miracle. There is obviously a reason why I got pregnant.
I have many challenges ahead of me but I plan on continuing to achieve all my goals and ambitions that way to create the best life possible for myself, my fiance, and our little one.
On January 9th I took a home pregnancy test and found out it was positive. While I was very surprised I was also so so so scared. But as the weeks have gone on I get more and more excited to bring a child into our lives.
My fiance and I are getting married on 8/8 and our little one is due 9/9. I'm so excited to become a mother!