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I am Mrs. Farrah Kane! :) I have a beautiful son named Asher James Kane, born August 26, 2010! I just had my second precious baby boy, Ledger John Kane, born July 4, 2013! :) My awesome husband's name is Benjamin! He is the greatest person I have ever met and I am so lucky to call him my husband and the father of my children! He'll always be right by my side and we will raise our amazing boys to be respectful little gentlemen. :) We're hoping to add a couple more kids in a few more years, as we want a pretty sweet sized family! <3

Ben & I have been together since I was 14 & he was 16! :) These years have been the happiest years of my life! And, I would never want to be with another man!! <3



Asher James Kane is my oldest son! He is gorgeous & looks just like his daddy! :) He was brought into this world on August 26, 2010 at 7:22AM! I had an epidural and it was an awful experience! I hated every minute of it, I was in so much pain, but little Ash was worth it!

eNortjKzUjK0NDc3MVSyBlwwFboC2g,,99.pngAsher James Kane!! <3537754_218429678274306_174364423_n.jpg

LOOK WHO WAS BORN TODAY!!! My second son, Ledger John Kane, was born on the fourth of July! :) At 11:57AM! I love him with all my heart! <3 Or at least half, as my eldest son has the other half. <3 I went all natural. I was having contractions starting from 3AM this morning! We arrived at the hospital at 11:21AM and out popped my new little bundle of awesomeness, Ledger! <3

WUM7m5.pngLedger John Kane! <3