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OSDBoogieGeeklove.pngHi there! The name's Tori and I am 18 years old. I am engaged to my best friend soul mate. We had our problems in the beginning and I'm glad we did because now we can work through anything. I graduated from High School last year and I plan on starting college this fall for 3D Animation.

I have been lurking this website for a few years now, after I saw my friend's sister on it, and I have finally decided to make an account since my SO and I have been talking seriously about having a baby as soon as we are settled.

I may be young but I am pretty sure I was born to be a mother. My sister had a child extremely young and even seeing her struggle hasn't stopped me from wanting kids as soon as possible. In fact, raising my nieces has reassured me that I definitely want to be a mommy!

Hopefully I will have more to put here soon once we start working on having our own little bean!