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Age 24
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Status Married
Location Birmingham, Alabama
Interest Looking after my babies & eating lots of good food.
Due Jun 30, 2013 (boy)
My name is Sheilia Edgars, I'm 21 years old. I'm happily married to an awesome guy named Will Wilson he's so perfect & he loves me for who I am. We have a one year old son (also named Will b. 12/29/11) & we're expecting our second son July 1st!
I just recently moved to Alabama from Alaska in June 2012, it is a big adjustment to say the least :P My first son was born in a very small hospital where epidurals aren't even an option! & now I'm going to give birth to my second son in Saint Vincent's Hospital which is probably 10 times bigger and I can even sit in a Jacuzzi while I'm in labor! Nicee.
At the Alaskan hospital they have a couple little bath tubs & when I asked to soak in one while I was in labor I was told I wasn't allowed because they were both occupied!
Life is Good.