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Interest Self sufficiency, bush craft, bush Tucker, fabric crafts like crocheting and sewing, camping, watching nature.
Due Aug 19, 2013
21 years old and pregnant for the first time, expecting on the 21st on August. Surprise! Funny too because if I give birth near the due date, I'll be the same age exactly (give or take a few days) as my mum was when she had me. Weird but cool. I have an amazing partner that I've been with since I was 16, who is very excited to be a daddy :) I have 2 dogs, one staffy x ridgeback, and a puppy border collie x ..... (13 weeks) Um so far I've had pretty constant morning sickness, but it's getting better. I wish I could stop thinking about being preggerz so much, I still have about 6 months to wait! My tummy is definetly showing but I think it was before anyway, so it's very obvious now. Gonna make an apron I can wear over my clothes that says in big clear letters 'don't touch my tummy!!' I hate it! N I don't like telling people off for doing it either. I don't have any pregnant friends, so I thought it would be great to chat about the things we are going though on here. So have a great day, and congrats if your gonna have or have had your little bundle of joy. :)