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My name is Emily, I'm 22, I'm happily married to the best man I've ever met and his name is Brent, together we have 2 kids and we just got our BFP! I have a 4 year old son named Landon Orius from my previous marriage and he has a 2 year old daughter named Jayden Alexis from a previous relationship. Last year on March 2nd I got some unexpected news... I was pregnant, but in late May I started to notice that I wasn't feeling quite right and on June 5th I was in the hospital getting tests done and they performed an ultrasound and my worst fear was confirmed, I lost my little girl to be named Isabell Madyson I miscarried her due to complications during pregnancy, I had an IUD Mirena and stress! On February 27th, 2013 I ended up in the hospital yet again losing another precious life I then decided to have my IUD removed and my husband and I made the decision to start trying again and since then we have been so wish us luck! I love being a wife and mommy it's the best feeling in the world and I wouldn't have it any other way. My husband is my best friend and my kids are my life!
When I was pregnant with my son Landon I first felt him move at 14 weeks, When I was pregnant with my daughter Madyson "Mady" I felt her moving already at 13 weeks if I hadn't lost her I would have been 14 weeks the following Thursday.
With Landon I was in Seattle WA.with my ex husband and noticed that I was craving salads and subs from quizno's I thought it was kinda weird but I was supposed to be expecting AF the week we got back from our trip but a week after we got back still no AF so I decided to take a test and found out I was expecting my sweet little boy.
Other than salads and subs I craved pickles, peaches, and occasionally chips ahoy cookies and milk.
With my daughter I craved peanut butter and brown sugar sandwich's, reeses peanut butter cup ice cream, pretty much anything with peanut butter or anything sweet.
My other pregnancies were short lived so I didn't get to the point of cravings 1 was before my son, the next after my son was born, then my daughter, and my latest little one with my current husband Brent. I've been strong through it all but it all still hurts...
3 weeks after my son was born I was diagnosed with heart failure due to the pregnancy, I had high blood pressure and it caused my heart to nearly give out and it went from 100% to 10% just by the stress of simply giving birth via c-section. There are a lot of risks involved in having more children but if I should get pregnant and actually carry the baby without miscarrying then I will be seen by a high risk OB/GYN and will be monitored closely.