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My name is kayla leann cantrell,
i blessed this world july 17 1992,
God=Numero Uno.
My Mommy was my best friend:)RIP
i think im aot like her in alot of ways, but she was braver, funnier, and alot smarter <3 im expecting a daughter in june<3 Neveah <3 shes just a baby bump right now but i love her more than anything already!
Im very opinionated;
i love laughin and having a good time making friends, and being loud, but i can be quiet at times i can seem shy at first,. but lemme warm up a lil, okay:) im generally a very happy person:)
i have the best daddy in the world<3 the daddy that thinks no one is good enough for his little girl, and shes still 5 years old in his eyes<3 in his eyes i can do no wrong, and he knows it:) i have 2 brothers, brandon & jason, me and jason have always been close, he is my bestest friend in the world! i know that if ever need him he will be there for me no matter the curciumstances<3
My grandmother<3 shes the sweetest person on the planet! she has a huge heart made of gold:) ive always been close to her and my papaw clement<3
i without a doubt have the best family anyone could ask for they all love me unconditionally! and i just hope they know how much i love them:)