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Due May 17, 2013 (boy)
I found out that i was pregnant with my first baby in September, at first i didn't know what i was going to do but two weeks later my mum found out and told me that my dad and herself would support me with everything; you can imagine that i was somewhat relieved with this! They're going to give me all of the baby things that they have, which is pretty much everything as my two younger brothers are only two and four years old.

I then had my first scan on the 8th of November 2012, i was twelve weeks and five days. I went to this scan with my mum and everyone had a shock when i uploaded a scan photo on facebook later that day as only about ten people in total knew, if that. The reaction at college the next day was hilarious, they were all so shocked; bless them.
My next scan was on the 2nd of January 2013, i was twenty weeks and four days and it just happened to be my mum's 39th birthday as well. That was the day that i found out it was a boy, it wasn't like you could miss 'it' in the scan photo's! What a lad.

I know i'm still in college but i can easily finish this year off and get my Health and Social Care Level 3 Diploma along with a Level 1 Alcohol Awareness Award, First Aid as well as a Additionality Qualification as well; i am also working on completing at least 200 hours of work experience in at least three different places. I'm not sure if i'm going to have a year out of not yet but if i go back in September 2013 or with my friend that is in the same situation in September 2014 i will complete my Health and Social Care Level 3 Extended Diploma eventually although this means that i will have to put my little man in a nursery for a few days a week which isn't actually too much time in a nursery really and the college will pay for that to allow me to complete my course so that's fine. I'm moving out either this year or next although not with my little mans father because he broke up with me when i mentioned that i was keeping the baby; at least we are still friends and he promises to be in the babies life.

I'll sort it all out in the end but the plan is have my little man, that at the moment will be called Elijah George Day and then finishing the last month of the Diploma, going back to finish the Extended Diploma and continuing onto the Open University or getting a full time job. Although it may be easier to get a full time job when Elijah is in full time nursery and school, either way i'm going to make the most of my education and do the best i can to support my baby, i know i'm young and at only seventeen i shouldn't really be looking forward to be a mother and it was never part of my plan but it's happened and i wouldn't change it because i already love him to bits; i was in a relationship at the time and yes, it went too fast but that doesn't mean i won't be a great mum. I won't live off of the government all my life, i hate the fact that i have to in the beginning but once i get all my qualifications then i'll be on my way and my little man and i will have a decent life; no matter what anyone else says.

I think i've probably babbled enough about things that i don't even know are relevant or not but i can not wait to meet Elijah on the 18th of May or whenever he's ready to pop out!