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Allot has happened in my life, my best friend passed away november 23,2011 (my grandma) she was everything to me I felt as if my whole world fell appart, just when I thought things could not get worse on May 20th 2012 I met my new best friend my love of my life Jose he is the greatest thing that has happened to me, for a long time I did not think that love existed until I met him. On December 14 2012 he made me the happiest woman ever by asking for my hand in marriage, we do not yet have a date set yet but we will get that figured out in time. I can't forget about my best friend of 19 years Niki I miss her so much she now lives way in Indiana I miss all our random road trips and texting each other in the same room, we can't forget about the potty training of her son Gavin lol I sure do miss those days. Now my other best friend Mary we have known each other for 2 years as of April she now lives in Orlando so we do not get to spend much time together but when we do it can get a liftl goofy I'm not to sure about her driving it is quite scary. Lol jk love ya... If I left anyone out it's not because I don't care it's because there is not enough room but for those I have I love you guys soo much.