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I love writing, mostly poems but now and then I can cook up a decent creative non- fiction peice.I get along with everybody. If they don't get along with me well then shoot :( I'm normally sensitive and creative. Its not hard to keep me entertained or happy. I love my jackson guitar and my rosa (not a name brand i know) I also paint weird paintings and sketch creepy disturbing things but I'm not angry or upset, just weird. I dress in whatever I feel is necessary. Cop outfit? Heck yeah. Spider girl? You know it.roller blading is epic to me, I will try a trick until I get it, or spring a body part...video games are a must. I love a good mud fight. I like having short hair cause everyone just about likes girls with long hair, I gotta rebal ya'kno. I dont get embarrassed easy, and I like a challenge. But enough about me, tell me about you ;)