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29 yr old stay-@-hm-mommy of my miracle Madelynn Grace whom we call Maddie G or Maddie G Funk LoL! After battling cancer at the ages of 21-22 I was informed that I may never have children due to lasting effects of chemo and radiation. In beginning of 2009 I got news that I was pregnant! I was so excited to be a mom but at my 9 week ultrasound there was no heartbeat and dr said I'd miscarry. A week later I started to bleed and I was devastated. I ended up having a D&C. My dr seemed positive that since I was able to conceive, my second pregnancy should be all good. The end of 2010 I was again pregnant and at only 6 weeks I started bleeding. Wasn't able to get seen by dr for a couple days and when I did their pregnancy test showed negative. After that I wasn't too excited to try again but after getting married march 2011 we decided that third times gotta be a charm and it was!! Let me say though that this pregnancy was no walk in the park... I couldn't even let myself get giddy until around 16weeks. Just when I let my guard down a little, I start having contractions every 5-6 min. Rushed to the hospital and found I was in preterm labor which they were able to stop, luckily! But soon after that it happened again so I was put on bed rest and nifedipine pills to "prevent contractions".... But I still had them fairly regularly. Was told at 36 to stop the meds and the very next morning I lost my mucus plug and at 2am on march 24 2012 I had my Maddie G!! Ultrasound had guessed her weight earlier that day at about 6lbs , so when they announced 4lbs11oz I was shocked!! She was soo tiny but perfectly healthy and we got to go home the next evening.... :)