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Due Sep 04, 2013
Hey I'm Nicole. Most of you should already know that but just thought I would let ya know anyways lol. Im 19 years old and I live in Kato with my fiance Justin Smith! I am currently a mommy to be! Soooo excited for my little bundle of joy to come out of this belly of mine! Anything else? Well im kinda confusin i guess. Im kinda dumb with some stuff that most people understand right away but you ask me bout other stuff that most people dont know shit about, you will think im a smart as hell. My brain tends to work differently than others i would say. Not like im dumb just differently. My brain tends to wander when i get interested in something. Im quiet sometimes to new people because I think someone is smarter than me or smart in a different way from me that i dont want to talk and feel like an idiot. Another thing i can do well is read body language. Most of the time im spot on but sometimes i read way to into that its wrong. Well i should prolly stop now because this is turning into a book lol PEACE!! :)