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Due Aug 19, 2013 (boy)
Hi, I'm Erika. I'm 20 years old, and expecting my first wonderful baby boy on August 20. His name will be Micaiah Kent. I wasn't excited at all at first. I never was the type to want kids. I didn't even like them. But this bun in my oven has changed everything. I'm excited, and can't wait for him to arrive.
I am a stay at home student of the g*****c arts. I am an artist. I love music, and making it, I love to paint and draw, basically.. I love to create beautiful things that people have a hard time forgetting about. Micaiah will be the most beautiful thing I have ever had the pleasure of creating.993648_678132558867133_1483844360_n.jpg1001542_676376622376060_1413354739_n.jpg59130_682479748432414_1972706246_n.jpg543849_687651624581893_839812236_n.jpg