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I'm 22 years old, and I have 4 boys; Xavier David is 5, Santana Juanito is 4, Romeo Josiah is almost 2, and Ezequiel Antonio who will be born around Dec.6, 2014. I am Hopi Indian and Chicana (Mexican-American) and my sons are Native American, Chicano, Spanish, and Italian....yes hot tempers everywhere in my house lol I am a CVA (Certified Veterinary Assistant) turned stay-at-home mommy, and avid Pitbull/Bully-breed rescuer and advocate of 6 years+. I went to vet school to study animal behavior for abused,neglected, and ex-fighting dogs as well as bait-dog, and Canine Rehabilitation. I also studied human and animal physiology and biology well as animal body language. On my free time over the years before my kids I studied taxonomy,and and the Latin language. Since my kids lol I am a stay at home mom! We love Halloween, zombies, and anything "scary". Therefore,I think all of my children are a little strange just like me lmao!

I am going on my 4th c-section.....within 6 years! I am 22 years old and not the healthiest person in the world hahaha. This c-section is somewhat high risk, so im definitely a bit nervous. All of the women on my mother's side of the family all had c-Sections from my me all the way up to like my great great grandmother. So my 1st son i knew would be a c/s, But of course the hospitals have protocols so i was a week late and had to be induced. I spent 32 hours in labor only to make it to a mere 1/2 a centimeter lol! So i had my c/s and all went well. My second was an optional c/s or try naturally, i went for the c/s, again all went well. My third was not an option this time due to risk of hemorrhaging, the c/s went well aside from my baby being put on oxygen from the moment they pulled him out. They said this was common for c/s babies cuz they get fluid in their lungs. at 3 weeks old he was taken off of the oxygen and there were allot of discrepancies about whether he really needed it from the start or not,his first year was rough, he had GERD and bad reflux, as well as other digestive and bowel issues which have since cleared up. So im a bit nervous about my 4th! I had no real issues  with the actual surgeries themselves other than the "afterwards". All 3 of my previous incisions opened backup on the right side for some reason. The first 2 were dissolvable stitches, the third was staples, and they all got infected. So im preparing for this 4th incision to do the same.