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I am married to the best guy ever. We have been together since May of '08 :) could not do this without him. He has brought me up when I was down. Been there when I needed him most and most of all LOVED me. I have 2 children Thomas Jay hes the most AMAZING little boy I know. He's a great helper with Charlotte and the best big brother I know. He's 6 years old and would not have the age difference between my kids any different. Charlotte who has COME a LONG LONG WAY from putting me into labor at 25 weeks until I had her at 38 weeks. She had a skull fracture at birth, but boy she is perfect in many ways. She stole my heart along with my son.

Now about me, I am a clean person hate a dirty home and loves to make sure my house is cleaned everyday before bed you can call me OCD but I think it's cleansingness :). I love to cook its my faverote. I love Golden Correl they have the best HUGE Buffett out there. I think there are many people still today that think I am a royal b***h but o well, get over it. I am 24 with a huge heart if I hated you before I probably love you now lol. First impressions of ppl I dont judge they are PEOPLE and make mistakes. I LOVE PEOPLE just hate jerms. I wont even drink after Thomas or Jason :) lol its gross. I want to go back to school for RN I CAN DO IT and WILL DO IT :).

Lost my nephew Carl Hunter Rasmussen to SIDS so I support anything and everything that deals with children. I miss him he was born July 22 2005 and passed away September 2, 2005. I would have given my own life for him to be here today. He would have been 6. I spend every moment I can with my kids, losing Carl opened my eyes a great deal. RIP.