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Gender Female
Status Married
Work Mom / Wife
Location San Diego,
Interest Gardening, baking, writing, sketching, teaching my kids, and I do a lot of cleaning but I'm definitely not interested in it.
Kids 2
The best man in the world (most of the time) is my husband, and I have two smart and way too beautiful girls. We got a house with enough yard to put in a garden. Honestly I didn't know that I could do anything but kill plants till now. Now the garden is doing great...Honestly I can't believe that I grew it. Oh, and we have chickens, I used to think chickens were creepy, now I have them, it's weird how life surprises you.

Now we are getting ready to homeschool our kids which is a bit scary. Hopefully we will get a handle on it fairly quickly. I'm certainly not counting on it, but I can hope.