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Hi Everyone my name is Sophie. I had a profile here before but I made a new one. So let me tell my story to those who don't know. briefly. So I had my first son born January/2010 at 23 weeks gestation. He made it and he is now a thriving hyper 3 yr old boy. Dr say I had him early due to Preterm labor or Incompetent cervix or Both. I lost my baby girl Angel in December/2011 at 17 weeks gestation due to cystic hygroma and Feta Hydrops. A disease that was unpreventable and a fluke. Nothing that has to do with me or anything. Drs say it won't happen again, and not to count it as a miscarriage. Although I miss my babygirl. RIP. Then I had another loss November/2012 at 13 weeks, my baby boy Yovany. I noticed something weird starting at 12 weeks. I started noticing braxton hick, very frequent and stronger. I didn't think nothing of it since the Drs kept saying it was normal and all the ultrasounds were normal. The Dr did say my placenta was a bit low so to avoid sexual intercourse. So the "BH" kept on stronger. At 13 weeks I woke up in a puddle of blood, I was rushed to the ER. After waiting to what seemed like forever the Drs told me that the bleeding was coming from the placenta. So all we could do was wait and see, well the bleeding started to irritate my uterus which was causing my contractions. my contractions ended up making me dilate and loss my baby boy. And now I will be TTC cautiously again. BABY DUST to all